Case Study – Helping Keystone Executive Coaching Work More Effectively

The staff at SBA are incredibly pleased to introduce Keystone Executive Coaching for this most recent case study. Understand how our CRM reworked their business straight into a streamlined money machine.

Introducing Brisbane’s Finest Executive Business Coaches

Let’s introduce Keystone Executive Coaching. Small business ampilifier is helping this executive business coaching company get to be the best executive business coaching company in Brisbane.

The Problem Keystone Was Having

Just before joining on for SBA CRM, Keystone Executive Coaching was basically going nowhere with their particular company. With primarily one person operating the business they found it challenging to support what little customers were coming in and paying the ever growing expenses. Australia isn’t friendliest area for new or small businesses particularly with the absence of any help from the government or banking institutions. The ever-raising price of rent and petrol prices, taxes and ACC payments meant that Keystone Executive Coaching was helpless to improve the business in a significant way.

The list of issues to do in one day was increasing and that was before trying to develop the business, going to work, working the back end as well as hunting for new leads. Each and every day only has so much time and it’s really not enough.\The problem was there is a confined amount of time in day. Along with things like waking up early to battle Auckland traffic and still trying to commit time to growing the business in some way was proving extremely tough.

Keystone Executive Coaching was accomplishing all they could and compromising family time simply to pay all of the bills at the conclusion of the thirty day period. Development was hard to make plus it felt like an never-ending cycle. CRMs and company software’s were tried at some time but they didn’t improve the work enough and just introduced more steps to the day. Within time the CRM started collecting dust and was yet another failed experimentation done in an endeavor to help grow the company. The CRM failed in it’s task of making businesses simpler to manage.

The Solution For Keystone Executive Coaching

We approached Keystone Executive Coaching at a local BNI and learned about them and their mission to manage a small business. Learning about their company was interesting and we wanted nothing more than to assist them. After learning enough Jim mentioned the SBA CRM. By running through the list of issues that Keystone Executive Coaching experienced each and every day, they applied it to the CRM and revealed the way it could address every one of them. Not surprisingly, the fascination of the Keystone Executive Coaching was stirred up however they could hardly believe how it could do all those things.

Time wasting tasks like tracking employees work progress across platforms like Teamwork and Trello were covered by the CRM and that was only the start of it’s features.. Those features alongside basic CRM features were all possible with the SBA CRM. Wishing to test it out for themselves, we set a full day to install the CRM on a free trial offer.

Setting Up The CRM

Getting the CRM set up was a no-brainer and we are confident they could have done it on their own.. With setup simple, only account details for various services were required to hook it up all together. With account details addressed, the CRM connected to various services setup by Keystone Executive Coaching and looked after the remainder. This setup help is also available by remote support and video calls.

As soon as the primary setup was finished and dusted, we looked over the every day duties that Keystone Executive Coaching had to do. Most of those jobs could be handled within the CRM and so it was a pleasure to show them precisely what it could do.

It didn’t take long for the CRM to go to work, with some client details needing input.

We didn’t need to ask to find out that they were amazed.

By the end of the week they’d already decided upon a lifetime deal.

Statement from Keystone Executive Coaching

The CRM has made the past month a total breeze. I now actually have time to cook a proper dinner and not eat dry bread every night. The SBA CRM is a true game changer in the market and I am surprised that everyone isn’t using it. My whole entire backend is just about all automated, all I need to do is manually approve some vital things like invoice totals but even that can be fully automated if I wish.

I can now get busy working on getting new leads and building relationships while the CRM works on the rest. Being able to grow my business properly fills me with self-belief that I am now heading on the right track.

With my CRM taking care of everything, I can now focus on helping Australian businesses thrive in their chosen marketplace. By having more time to dedicate to my clients, I can ensure that they receive more time with their Brisbane business coach.

Say goodbye to the old CRM now and get this one.

Keystone Executive Coaching is continuing to report success as the months pass. As the CRM gets used increasingly more, it discovers more about the business and helps to make the procedures even smoother. This usage information then gets provided back to us and enables future revisions to be much more effective.

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