The Girl is another contented customer making use of our CRM. Discover how our CRM reworked their business into an efficient money producer.

Let us present Julian from the The Girl. She operates a personal stylist business in Auckland and aim to be the best personal stylists in New Zealand, eventually expanding to cover major cities like Christchurch and Wellington.

The Girl is really a classic example of a small business struggling to make ends meet. As a solo member business, they were struggling to do everything to operate the business enterprise while still prospecting for new customers. New Zealand makes it hard for new or small businesses especially with the absence of any assistance from the government or banks. Gas prices perpetually rising, taxes upon taxes and all sorts of various expenses required for the self-employed, The Girl had been not winning.

Expansion of the business was complicated because of so many things every day that needed to be completed first before any time could be invested on it. The issue here is there’s only so much time in one day. Along with things like organising the work routine and still trying to set aside time to growing the business by some means was proving very hard.

The Girl was accomplishing all they could and giving up family time just to pay all the bills at the conclusion of the month. Without any foreseen difference in the business, it felt like a pointless struggle. They’d tried using various CRMs and business software but due to substandard design they simply added more procedures to do the same thing. Ultimately it simply changed into one more tool they had been spending money on but not using. A CRM is designed to aid businesses and reduce the work load – not worsen it.

We had been introduced to Julian by a delighted customer of ours and listened to their ideal wants of a CRM which could do it all. After hearing more about their business and discovering how it ran, we were keen to help in in whatever way we could. It didn’t take long before Cassandra brought up the SBA CRM. She laid out the troubles that The Girl experienced in the every day managing of the company and explained the way the CRM may help their personal stylist company. Not surprisingly, the intense curiosity of the Julian from the Girl was stirred up however they could hardly believe how it could do all those things.

Everyday tasks like managing story inventory and automatically reodering stock were covered by the CRM and that was only the start of it’s functions. Those features alongside basic CRM features were all feasible with the SBA CRM. Wishing to give it a go in their own business, we set a full day to install the CRM on a free trial.

The Girl Gets Modern!

Getting the CRM set up was a breeze and we are confident they could have done it by themselves.. We took pains to produce a wizard that was very intelligent, only necessitating password and e-mail details to login to varied services. Once signed in the CRM would hook into them via API’s and take actions for the user.. Remote support and video calls are offered also for those needing assistance setting up.

With the setup completed we talked with The Girl and asked what are the most tiresome jobs they confronted each and every day. It was a joy to show off the way the CRM could handle those tasks without any hassle.

It didn’t take long for the CRM to get to work, with some customer details needing input after a new lead came in. The CRM calculated the estimated time it would require to do and even logged an appointment.

Needless to say, the demo went nicely.

With the test over they leaped at the opportunity to sign up to the CRM.

Report from Julian

After using the CRM for a month all I can say is I am stunned with how it has evolved my business. Suddenly I’ve time to spend with my loved ones every evening and still stay ahead of my work. The SBA CRM is just a revelation and a game changer. It is so smart, I only spend a couple of hours per week on the basic things instead of all day.

Given that the everyday running of the business has been automated, I can spend more time on developing the company and developing relationships. Given that I’m able to give attention to developing my business, I feel confident that I’ve finally discovered the true secret to achieving success.

My CRM keeps track of everything now from fresh lead to invoicing and following up for a testimonial. I get notifications on the SBA phone app of what is going on and I can even keep track of orders from my clothing suppliers. Small Biz Amp is one clever cookie!

These magicians have achieved something fantastic, you’ll never conduct business exactly the same ever again.

Many months down the track and The Girl is consistently confirming positive results. Since the CRM gets used more and more, it discovers more about the company and makes the operations even easier. Application data such as this then gets compiled and enables suitable updates to the CRM.

Ready to try Small Business Amplifier for your small company? If you’re not convinced, don’t forget we offer a free 30 day trial.