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Creating the Best CRM

Small Business Amplifier aims to be the best CRM software for local businesses. We are a small local team of developers, business people, marketers, designers, and software engineers all collaborating on the SBA project together to build something amazing.

Our Story

Small Business Amplifier is a small team with big ideas – just like you!

We are a team of business owners that all faced the same problems trying to run businesses that we built from the ground up. Our dreams were big and the road to success was fraught with problems that seemed even bigger. Does that sound familiar to you?

Many years of struggles and trailing countless software after software that promised to do one but didn’t do another or was so expensive we were running the business solely to afford the software.

Then came the eureka moment when founder Jim Boyle met Tim Matthews at a small business seminar in Auckland. They shared their struggles of running small businesses and lamented the lack of a software that could make the daily running of a small business easy.

Many months later Kathrine Stevens joined the little group of business owners and together an idea formed of what is now the SBA CRM. Young and creative Cassandra joined the team to help turn the crazy ideas into a working interface

Small Business Amplifier Features

Check out the full suite of business growing tools that are available with every version of the SBA CRM. Compare them to others and you’ll see how much you get.


Working on the go has never been easier. With our responsive layout, the Small Business Amplifier CRM works seemlessly no matter the device you’re using.


The SBA CRM is fully customisable allowing you to modify the workflow to your unique preferences. We believe businesses need the freedom to customise!

Complete Sales CRM Toolkit

Handle all your sales leads from one easy to manage platform. SBA is compatible with all leading CRM and Sales platforms allowing you to integrate and manage easily.

Full Data Tracking

Never lose track of a lead again. SBA allows complete tracking to discover where your best leads are coming from and what needs to be improved in your business.

Extensive Training Suite

Become a Small Business Amplifier sales and marketing expert with our complete and detailed training. Learn the tools and learn the trade with SBA.

Free Updates

Unlimited updates free forever. No more paid upgrades.

Case Studies

Below are some amazing companies who have chosen to partner with us and use our software. Most are local businesses in New Zealand.

Who is Small Business Amplifier?

Meet the team behind Small Business Amplifier that helped to get the local NZ CRM software to where it is today.

Jim Boyle

Jim Boyle

Founder & CEO
Tim Matthews

Tim Matthews

Lead Developer
Cassandra Simmons

Cassandra Simmons

Design Director
Kathrine Stevens

Kathrine Stevens

Lead Designer

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