Helping Hypermusic Studio Work More Effectively

SBA is proud to introduce Kyle from Hypermusic Studio for this case study. Learn exactly how this little kiwi business transformed into a slick music teaching machine with the help of our CRM.

Today we’re talking about Hypermusic Studio and its goals to be the very best guitar teacher in Auckland. Discover how they manage their business more intelligently now with Small Business Amplifier and how that goal is closer than ever.

Struggles Of Providing Guitar Lessons In Auckland

Before signing onto Small Business Amplifier, Hypermusic Studio had been unable to boost their business. With primarily a single person running the business they found it a challenge to support what little consumers were coming in and making payment on the ever growing costs. New Zealand isn’t nicest location for new or small businesses especially with the absence of any help from the government or financial institutions. Gas costs frequently rising, taxes upon taxes and all sorts of numerous expenses required for the self employed, Hypermusic Studio had been not winning and stuck in a broken cycle.

In order to expand they required to get all the business fundamentals sorted, go to work to service their present clients as well as look for fresh prospects. The issue here is there is certainly only so much time in a day. Along with stuff like invoicing after every guitar lesson and still trying to commit time to growing the company somehow was proving extremely tough.

The volume of hours invested in the business each day was increasing with time, soon they barely spent personal time in order to settle the bills. Without any foreseen change in the business, it felt like a pointless struggle. CRMs and company softwares were experimented with at some point but they didn’t improve the work enough and simply added more steps to the day. It was basically no real surprise that they ended up getting rid of it all together and it was simply another tool that they were paying for but not using. A CRM is designed to aid businesses and lessen the work load and not worsen it.

Guitar Teacher Auckland

Turning The Tide

We approached Hypermusic Studio at a small business luncheon and got to hear about their struggles about running a business in Auckland. It was fascinating to hear about their business and we were truly wishing to help them in whatever way we could. It didn’t take long for Cassandra introduced the SBA CRM. They laid out the troubles that Hypermusic Studio faced in the daily running of the business and explained how the CRM could help their guitar teaching business. Of course Hypermusic Studio had many questions and could not believe that a software could achieve this much.

Tasks like tracking employees work progress across platforms like Trello and Teamwork were all possible with the SBA CRM. That was only scratching the surface of functions as basic CRM capabilities are integrated as well. Unable to accept is as true, we arranged a free trial offer of the SBA CRM and spent an afternoon connecting their music teaching business into the CRM.

Hypermusic Gets A Hyper CRM

Getting the CRM set up was a snap and we are positive they could have done it by themselves. We took pains to produce a wizard that was very clever, only requesting password and e-mail details to login to varied services. With account details dealt with, the CRM linked with various services setup Kyle and handled the rest. Remote support and video calls are offered also for all those needing assistance setting up.

With the installation finished we chatted with Kyle, his goals for Hypermusic Studio and questioned which are the most monotonous tasks they experienced every single day. Most of these jobs could be taken care of within the CRM and so it was a joy to show them precisely what it could do.

The best part was when Kyle got a phone call and instantly saw the auto tracker input the client name and book a scheduled appointment in the google calender.

“Wow” was all they could say.

With the demo over they leaped at the chance to be a part of the CRM.

Feedback from Hypermusic Studio

The CRM has made the past few weeks a complete snap. I can now get an hour or so extra sleep each morning and enjoy my evenings. The SBA CRM is just a revelation and a game changer. It takes care of my entire backend and I can spend as little time as I want and still have a functioning business.

With the particulars all sorted by the CRM I can focus on prospecting and collecting new leads. I am confident that the company is heading in the right course now that I have more time to service my clients and seek out more.

My student booking system has been completely streamlined now. With a single API, my online booking system can handle new students signing up and automatically books them into available time slots. They get a personal login that they can use to set further appointments, fill in payment details and even view and download lesson notes that I prepare for them.

It’s effectively cut down on 90% of emails and calls I need to handle and my students are loving it, having their own learning hub has made their time between lessons that more effective.

I completely encourage any small company owner to try it.

Many months down the track and Hypermusic Studio is continually confirming successes. With the CRM discovering more and more about the business, the techniques are getting more intelligent thanks to the built in A.I. This in turn feeds back to us and enables us to make the software even better for everyone.

Does Small Business Amplifier sound ideal for you? If you’re not convinced, keep in mind we provide a free 30 day trial.