In this case study, we’re extremely pleased to present Coopers Real Estate the most recent client to be utilizing Small business amplifier CRM. See how our CRM reworked their business in to a streamlined money machine. Coopers Real Estate is an Auckland real estate agent specializing in high ticket and difficult to sell homes. They also have a property development branch that purchases and renovates homes and later sells them. They have a lot going on and are more of a medium sized business bogged down with daily paperwork.

Despite not being overly small, Coopers Real Estate has a lot in common with a small business struggling to pay the bills. As busy company, they were struggling to fit everything in to run the business enterprise whilst still prospecting for new clientele. With the lack of time to dedicate to hiring new staff members, expanding the business was proving difficult.

Development of the business was difficult considering the variety of items in one day that needed to have completely finished first prior to any time could be invested on it. Each day only has so much time and its really not adequate. The problem was there’s a restricted amount of time in day. Together with specific things like waking up early to battle Auckland traffic and still finding time to do the other million things a business needs to do was proving to be a snow-balling problem.

The quantity of hours spent on the business per day was increasing after a while, soon they hardly spent personal time in order to pay the bills. Without any foreseeable change in the business, it felt like a useless struggle. CRMs and company software’s were tried at some point but they didn’t streamline the work enough and simply introduced more actions to the day. It was basically no surprise that they ended up ditching it all together and it was simply another tool which they were spending money on but not using. The CRM failed in it’s undertaking of making businesses simpler to operate.

We had been introduced to Coopers Real Estate by a delighted customer of ours and got to learn about their business as well as the aspects that needed developing. Finding out about their company was exciting and we desired nothing more than to assist them. After knowing enough Kathrine brought up the SBA CRM. Each of the troubles that Coopers Real Estate confronted may very well be remedied by the CRM and we revealed precisely how. Of course Coopers Real Estate had many questions and could hardly believe that a software program could do so much.

Common tasks like recording calls and extracting keywords like scheduling times and then automatically creating events in Google Calendar were available to automate or streamline with the CRM. And that was only the beginning of exactly what it could do as all the primary functions of a CRM were taken care of as well. Unable to believe it, we organized a free of charge test of the SBA CRM and devoted a few hours connecting their real estate business into the CRM.

Connecting Coopers Real Estate To SBA

This real estate company required some additional steps to get setup properly. The shift of a sizable database over to the modern CRM took some time. About thirty minutes later we had it all transferred, another two hours and we had it configured to operate both arms of the real estate company without issue.

As soon as the initial setup was complete, we talked about the most tiresome tasks that faced Coopers Real Estate every single day. The CRM is designed for most of those responsibilities and exhibiting those functions was a joy.

Within 5 minutes of setting up, the CRM already started work inputting some customer details while Aidan from Coopers was on the phone with him. Seeing the SBA CRM working in real time was impressive.

Oh wow was all they could say.

The next day they opted in for a 24 month package with ongoing support to get the most of Small business amplifier.

Feedback from Coopers Real Estate

I’m loving the CRM thus far, it’s just too good. I can finally get back in the dating game given that I have proper free time. The SBA CRM is a true game changer in the market and I am surprised that everybody isn’t using it. My whole entire backend is just about all automated, all I need to do is personally approve some vital things like invoice totals but even that can be fully automated if I want.

Seeing that the day-to-day running of the company continues to be programmed, I can spend more time on escalating the business and developing relationships. I’m positive that the business is going in the appropriate course now that I have more hours to service my clients and seek out more.

The CRM is handling a lot of the work that we had our staff do, this frees them up to spend time on the business and prospect for new leads. It has also freed me up to concentrate on training up some new real estate agents I have brought on. It’s truly changed the future of the company to a brighter one.

Blows my mind how the CRM manages to do it, honestly insane stuff.

Coopers Real Estate continues to state success as the months pass. With the CRM A.I finding out more and more about the company, the operations are getting smarter. This application data then gets provided back to us and enables future improvements to be much more powerful.

Does Small Business Amplifier sound perfect for you? If you’re not convinced, don’t forget we offer a free 30 day trial.