Case Study – Helping BJA Painting Services Work More Effectively

BJA Painting Services is yet another contented customer making use of our CRM. Look at how this small kiwi painting company changed into a slick money making machine by making use of our CRM.

BJA Painting Services is the newest small company we have assisted. With plans to be the best Auckland house painter they operate their company smarter now with Small Business Amplifier.

Just before signing up for SBA CRM, BJA Painting Services was moving nowhere fast with their company. Finding time to support the clientele, managing the business and paying accounts at the end of the calendar month was tough. With the absence of some help from the government for smaller businesses, managing one in New Zealand is difficult. The ever-raising cost of lease and petrol prices, income taxes and ACC payments meant that BJA Painting Services was struggling to grow the company in a meaningful way.

Growth of the company was complicated considering the variety of issues in a day that needed to be completely finished first before any time could be invested into growing it. Each day only has so much time and it’s hardly enough. The main problem was that there’s a restricted amount of time in day. With stuff like following up on new leads and still finding time to do the other thousand things a company needs to do was proving to be a snow-balling challenge.

BJA Painting Services was doing all they could and giving up family time just to pay all the costs at the end of the month. No improvement was being made and it felt like a vicious cycle. CRMs and business software’s were tried at some time but they didn’t streamline the work enough and just added more actions to the day. Eventually it just changed into another tool they were paying for but not using. The CRM failed in its undertaking of making this painting business easier to operate.

We had been introduced to Brian from BJA Painting Services through a customer of the SBA CRM and got to discover more about their small business and it’s challenges. After hearing much more about their business and understanding how it ran, we were wishing to aid in any way we could. Before long Kathrine introduced the SBA CRM during our conversation. By working through the list of challenges that BJA Painting Services encountered each and every day, they applied it to the CRM and explained how it could resolve them all. Indisputably, Brian was curious but also hesitant about how precisely a software could do everything.

Tasks like managing warehouse inventory and automatically re-ordering paint was able to be streamlined through the CRM. Those features together with basic CRM features were all feasible with the SBA CRM. Not able to accept it, we organized a free trial offer of the SBA CRM and spent a little while plugging their painting company into the CRM.

Setting Up BJA Painting With Their Own CRM

The CRM was so easy to setup for BJA Painting Services. With setup so simple, only account details for assorted services were required to hook it up all together. Once logged in, the CRM would connect into them via API’s and take actions automatically for the customer. To help everyone get setup, additionally we offer setup via remote workspace access.

After the primary installation was finished and dusted, we investigated the daily duties that BJA Painting Services was required to do. It was fantastic to demonstrate the way the CRM could handle those chores without any trouble.

Needless to say, the demonstration went perfectly.

Before the demonstration was over, Brian was already keen on registering for a lifetime deal.

Report from BJA Painting Services

The CRM has made the past few weeks a total breeze. I can now focus on prospecting for new leads instead of wearisome paperwork. The SBA CRM is just a great time-saver and a game changer. My whole entire backend is just about all programmed, all I need to do is manually approve some vital aspects such as invoice totals but even that can be fully automated if I want.

I can now get busy taking care of getting new leads and building connections while the CRM works on the rest. To be able to grow my business effectively floods me with confidence that I’m now proceeding on the right track.

Now when I’m buying paint and supplies for a job, I simply take a photo of the receipt. This photo gets sent to the SBA CRM and it logs the cost, and tags the appropriate account. This cost gets worked into my final invoice which it can send automatically to the customer once I input my total work time. This comes in handy during a large house painting job in Swanson where I needed progress payments.

Small business amplifier is literally jet fuel for virtually any business, I’m wrapped.

Many months down the track and BJA Painting Services is continually reporting positive results. The best part is that the CRM will continue to learn about the business and makes the operations more intelligent. This application data then gets fed back to us and makes it possible for future revisions to be even more efficient.

Ready to try Small Business Amplifier for your small company? If you’re not convinced, remember we provide a free 30 day trial.