Case Study – Helping Tilers Place Work More Effectively

In this case study, we’re very proud to introduce Tilers Place, the latest customer to be utilizing Small business amplifier CRM. Find about this tiling business and just how implementing our CRM made such a difference.

Allow us to present Tilers Place. Small business amplifier is supporting this tiling tutorial and tool review company become the best tile education company in the world.

Tilers Place can be described as common instance of a small business struggling to make ends meet. With basically a single person operating the business they found it a challenge to service what little buyers were coming in and making payment on the ever rising debts. Small businesses have a difficult time making a proper start in the market and with no money to hire extra staff, the founder ends up doing the work of multiple people.

The list of things to try and do everyday was growing and that was before attempting to grow the company, going to work, operating the back end as well as looking for new leads. The trouble is there is certainly only so much time in one day. Along with specific things like repairing the work car or truck and still trying to allocate time to growing the business in some way was proving very difficult.

The quantity of hours spent on the company per day was increasing with time, soon they barely spent personal time in order to settle the bills. Progress was hard to make plus it felt like an never ending routine. They had previous experience with a Customer relationship management and other business software that helped handle some of the work but the user interface was clunky and yes it just added more steps to their day. It was no surprise that they wound up ditching it all together and it was simply another tool that they were paying for and not using. A CRM is designed to help businesses and lessen the work load and not make it worse.

We had been introduced to Tilers Place because of a client already using the SBA CRM and learned all about them and their mission to run a small business. Finding out about their business was interesting and we wanted nothing more than to assist them. Before long Kathrine introduced the SBA CRM. Each of the troubles that Tilers Place faced could be sorted out by the CRM and we revealed how. Of course Carl from Tilers Place had several questions and could not imagine a software program could achieve this much.

Important things like keeping track of all orders and customer sign ups were all manageable within the CRM. Those features together with basic CRM functions were all possible with the SBA CRM. Excited to give it a shot for themselves, we set a full day to install the CRM on a free trial.

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Connecting Tilers Place With Our CRM

The CRM was so easy to setup for Tilers Place. With setup so easy, only account details for various services were required to connect it all together. Once logged in the CRM would connect into them via API’s and take actions for the user.. Remote support and video calls are also available for all those needing assistance setting up.

With the setup finished we talked with Carl and inquired what are the most tedious jobs they confronted on a regular basis. It was fantastic to show off the way the CRM could deal with those duties without any problems.

It didn’t take long for the CRM to get to work, with some client details needing input.

“Wow” was all Carl could say.

The following month they had a permanent deal all finalized.

Report from Carl about SBA CRM

After using the CRM for a month all I’m able to say is I am surprised with how it has changed our business. I can now get an 60 minutes extra uninterrupted sleep in the morning and enjoy my evenings. The SBA CRM is a true game changer in the marketplace and I am surprised that everybody isn’t using it. My whole entire backend is just about all programmed; all I need to do is personally approve some vital things like invoice totals but even that can be fully automated if I wish.

My website is so full of different tutorials and guides about various tiling tools that it makes it difficult keeping track of them and which ones are most popular with my customers, all feedback and orders go to various places and trying to collate all of that data and making meaningful analysis is difficult. The CRM changes all of that. Now if someone gives feedback or asks about knee pads on my best knee pads for work review for example, I can see it in the CRM and respond instantly. Any orders for that course are shown in there as well. It’s great.  

With the specifics all taken care of by the CRM I can concentrate on prospecting and gathering new leads. I’m confident that the company is going in the appropriate direction given that I have more hours to service my clientele and seek out more.

Small business amplifier has nuclear powered my business and I’m so delighted.

Many months down the track and Tilers Place is continually confirming positive results. Since the CRM gets used more and more, it discovers a little more about the company and makes the procedures even sleeker. This in turn feeds back to us and helps us to make the software even better for everybody.

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