Case Study – Helping JB Tiling Work More Effectively

SBA is proud to introduce JB Tiling for this case study. Read about this New Zealand business and just how employing our CRM created this sort of difference.

Introducing JB Tiling, they run an Auckland tiling and waterproofing business in and strive to be the best tilers in Auckland.

Before signing onto Small Business Amplifier, JB Tiling was unable to grow their company. As a solo person business, they were unable to fit everything in to run the business enterprise while still prospecting for new customers. With the insufficient some help from the government for smaller businesses, managing one out of New Zealand is not easy. The ever-raising cost of rent and petrol prices, income taxes and ACC charges meant that JB Tiling was helpless to develop the business in a meaningful way.

Development of the business was complicated considering the variety of issues in one day that were required to have completely finished first before any time could be invested on it. The trouble is there’s only so much time in one day. Together with aspects such as replying to comments on social media and still trying to allocate time to growing the business by some means was proving extremely tough.

Limiting family time and shelling out increasingly more time into the business, they were carrying out everything just to settle the bills. Development was difficult to make plus it felt like an endless cycle. CRMs and company softwares were experimented with at some time but they didn’t streamline the work enough and merely introduced more steps to the day. It was basically no real surprise that they finished up ditching it all together and it was just another tool which they were paying for but not using. The entire reason for a CRM is to assist businesses not make it worse and less efficient.

We got into contact with JB Tiling at a yearly small business seminar located in Auckland and got to learn their dreams of making business simpler. Finding out about their small business was interesting and we desired nothing more than to help them. After grasping enough Tim discussed the SBA CRM. The many troubles that JB Tiling encountered may very well be relieved by the CRM and we explained precisely how. Needless to say, the intense curiosity of the George from JB Tiling was stirred up however they could hardly believe how it could do all those things.

Important things like sending late notices to unpaid invoices were able to be streamlined through the CRM. Those features together with basic CRM features were all feasible with the SBA CRM. Keen to give it a go for themselves, we set a day to setup the CRM on a free trial offer.

JB Tiling Auckland

Setting JB Tiling With SBA CRM

Setup for this business was very effortless that they could have done it by themselves.. With the wizard walking through the setup, only remembering account details was the difficult part. Once logged in the CRM would connect into them via API’s and take actions for the user.. This setup help is also available by remote support and video calls.

After the basic setup was finished and dusted, we investigated the everyday tasks that JB Tiling was required to do. It was a joy to demonstrate the way the CRM could deal with those responsibilities with virtually no trouble.

I didn’t take long for the CRM to get to work, with some customer details needing input.

We didn’t need to ask to see that they were amazed.

With the trial over they jumped at the opportunity to sign up for the CRM.

Remarks from JB Tiling

My first four weeks with the CRM has been simply exceptional. I can now get an 60 minutes extra rest in the morning and enjoy my evenings. The SBA CRM is a true game changer in the marketplace and I am surprised that everyone isn’t using it. My whole entire backend is just about all programmed, all I need to do is manually approve some vital things like invoice totals but even that can be fully automated if I want.

I can now get busy taking care of getting new potential customers and building relationships while the CRM works on the rest. Seeing that I’m able to concentrate on building my business, I feel positive that I’ve finally discovered the key to achieving success.

Now all my email and phone call leads go straight to the CRM. It also sorts it into catagories, so if someone wants waterproofing in Auckland or tiling in North Shore Auckland, I have it neatly sorted. It’s really made my tiling and waterproofing business so modern and streamlined.

For those undecided about the CRM, simply go for it, you won’t regret it.

As the days pass, JB Tiling is revealing success after success. With the CRM A.I finding out increasingly more about the business, the operations are getting more intelligent. Application info like this then gets put together and enables appropriate upgrades to the CRM.

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