Helping Pro Moving Services Work More Effectively

SBA is very pleased to present Pro Moving Services in this case study.

SBA is very pleased to present Pro Moving Services in this case study. Find out how our CRM made it easier for them to completely transform their Furniture moving business.

Pro Moving Services is the most recent small company we have now helped. SBA is aiding this moving company become the best moving company in Auckland.

Prior to signing up for SBA CRM, Pro Moving Services was basically going nowhere fast with their particular company. With primarily a single person operating the business they discovered it challenging to support what little customers were coming in and making payment on the ever mounting debts. Business in New Zealand is no easy task, particularly for small businesses which get hardly any assistance, funding or motivation from the government. ACC, GST, and a lot of additional fees for the small business operator meant growth was ceased.

Expansion of the company was challenging with the amount of items in one day that needed to get done first prior to any time being invested in it. The issue here is there is certainly only so much time in one day. Along with aspects such as keeping on top of finances and still trying to commit time to growing the business in some way was proving extremely tough.

Surrendering family time and investing increasingly more precious time into the company, they were carrying out every little thing simply to settle the debts. Development was hard to make plus it felt like a never-ending routine. CRMs and company software’s were tried at some time but they didn’t improve the work enough and merely introduced more actions to the day. Within time the CRM started gathering dust and was yet another unsuccessful experimentation done in an attempt to help grow the company. The CRM failed in its task of making businesses simpler to manage.

We approached Jaime from Pro Moving Services at a local BNI and got to learn about their small business and it’s challenges. Understanding about their company was fascinating and we desired nothing more than to help them. After finding out enough, Kathrine introduced the SBA CRM. By running through the list of problems that Pro Moving Services experienced every single day, they applied it to the CRM and explained the way it could eliminate all of them. Of course Jaime had several questions and could hardly believe a software program could do so much.

Time wasting tasks like logging work and invoicing automatically were available to automate or improve with the CRM. Those features together with basic CRM features were all possible with the SBA CRM. Jaime couldn’t believe it, so we arranged a totally free trial of the SBA CRM and devoted a few hours plugging their moving company into the CRM.

Setting Up Pro Moving Services With The SBA CRM

The CRM was so easy to setup for Pro Moving Services. With setup sorted, only account details for various providers were required to hook it up all together. With security passwords addressed, the CRM connected to various services put in place by Jaime and looked after the remainder of the setup. To help absolutely everyone get setup, we offer setup via remote workspace access.

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With the setup done we chatted with Pro Moving Services and asked which are the most mind-numbing tasks they faced every single day. The CRM can handle most of those tasks and showcasing those features was really a joy.

It didn’t take long for the CRM to get to work, with some customer information needing input from a new lead that Jaime got during our meeting. He watched the CRM extract the clients details from the phone call and automatically input it into the system with 100% accuracy.

I think they were well astounded.

With the demonstration over Jaime jumped at the chance to sign up for the CRM.

Comments from Pro Moving Services

After using the CRM for a month all I can say is I am blown away with the way it has changed our company. I can actually have fun in the evenings now. The SBA CRM is just a revelation and a game changer. It takes care of my entire backend and I can spend as little precious time as I want and continue to have a performing business.

I can now get busy focusing on getting new potential customers and establishing connections while the CRM works on the rest. Given that I can pay attention to developing my business, I feel positive that I’ve finally uncovered the true secret to success.

Now when I’m out and about around Auckland moving furniture, I can answer calls and trust my CRM to log all the details and send an automated follow up email a few hours later. Even with my hands full moving a heavy bed or pool table while im out providing my North Shore mover service, my CRM is manning the desk and working hard cultivating my leads and sorting out invoicing.

Seriously, stop reading and try it out, thank me later.

Pro Moving Services continues to report success as the months pass. Since the CRM gets used increasingly more, it discovers a little more about the moving company and helps to make the operations even less complicated. This in turn feeds back to us and enables us to make the software even better for everybody.

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