Case Study – Helping AC Builders Work More Effectively

Case Study – Helping AC Builders Work More Effectively

AC Builders is yet another delighted customer making use of our CRM. Look over exactly how this little kiwi building company changed into a slick moving machine through the help of our CRM.

Presently we’re talking about AC Builders and how Small business amplifier is supporting this Auckland builder and on their mission to being the best building company in Auckland.

AC Builders is a common example of a small business struggling to make ends meet. With only a single person running the business they found it a challenge to service what little buyers were coming in and making payment on the ever rising expenditures. New Zealand isn’t the nicest place for new or small businesses especially with the lack of any assistance from the government or financial institutions. ACC, GST, and many additional fees for the small business owner meant growth was halted.

In order to grow they required to get all the business basics sorted, go to work to service their current consumers and in addition seek out fresh sales opportunities. A day has only so much time and its simply not enough. The main problem was there’s a constrained amount of time in day. Together with specific things like saving for the incoming G.S.T Payment and still trying to devote time to growing the company somehow was proving very hard.

AC Builders was doing all they were able to and sacrificing family time simply to pay all the costs at the conclusion of the thirty day period. Progress was tough to make and it felt like an perpetual cycle. They had previous exposure to a CRM along with other business software that helped manage some of the work however the user interface was confusing and it just added more procedures to their day. Within time the CRM started collecting dust and it was just another unsuccessful experiment made in an attempt to help grow the company. The CRM failed in its task of making businesses much easier to run.

We were introduced to AC Builders by a user of the CRM and got to discover more about their small business and it’s challenges. It was intriguing to hear about their business and we were truly wanting to help them in whatever way we could.Before long Jim introduced the SBA CRM. By working through the list of struggles that AC Builders faced on a daily basis, they applied it to the CRM and explained how it could solve all of them.Of course AC Builders had numerous questions and could not believe a software could do so much.Tasks like tracking emails and seeing when someone opens an email were available to automate or improve with the CRM. And that was merely the beginning of exactly what it could do as all the fundamental capabilities of a CRM were covered as well.Planning to give it a try in their own business, we set one day to install the CRM on a free trial.

Connecting AC Builders Into Their New CRM

Getting them setup took some work. They were transferring from a current CRM and moving the customer base took quite a while. AC had built many homes in Auckland in their time and the customer base was huge, not to mention their large database of trusted building material suppliers.

After a coffee or two we had it relocated and ready to progress.After the fundamental installation was finished and dusted, we looked over the daily tasks the home builder had to do on a daily. The CRM can handle most of those responsibilities and highlighting those benefits was really a joy.

The best part was when Ac got a call and instantly saw the auto tracker input the client name and book a meeting in the google calender.Needless to say, the demonstration went very well. By the end of the week they had already subscribed to a long term deal.

AC Builders on using the CRM

I’m loving the CRM thus far, it is simply too good. Suddenly I’ve time to commit to my family each night and still stay ahead of my work. Small Business Amplifier is simply marvelous and blows a dent in the market. It’s very smart, I only spend a couple of hours each week on the basic items instead of all day long. Seeing that the day-to-day managing of the company has been automatic, I can spend more time on developing the organization and setting up connections. Having the capacity to raise my company effectively fills me with self-belief that I’m now proceeding on the right course.

My work day is now completely different to what it used to be a few months ago. I now have two builders working under me building and renovating homes in Auckland.

They are synced with the SBA CRM via the phone app and can log progress reports and photos of what they achieved during the day. Any supplies they order get inputted into the system with a quick photo of the invoice and I can factor that into my invoice for the customer back at home. My wife is loving it as well, now she can follow up on leads simply by looking into the CRM. The small business amplifier CRM is nuts!

AC Builders continues to state success as the months pass. The best part is that the CRM will continue to learn about the business and helps to make the procedures more intelligent. This application info then gets provided back to us and makes it possible for future revisions to be even more powerful.

Want to try Small Business Amplifier in your business?A totally free 30 day trial is available for everyone wishing to give it a go.