New Zealand

Looking forward to working together

Posted By: jamies / Thursday 20th October 2016 11:52:46 AM

Great looking tool to help us effectivley market to new and exisitng clients. Superb service and support from Rachel.

Very happy with what Amplifier has done for my business!

Posted By: davidhale / Thursday 28th January 2016 04:49:07 PM

This program is very very successful. Increase on revenue attributed to Amplifier. Very happy with what Amplifier has done for my business.

I am so pleased that I started this programme and I am very pleased in particular with WEB only customers as they seem to be more responsive.

I appreciate Amplifiers patience and tolerance with dealing with a person that is slow to catch on to things but this Amplifier HAS CERTAINLY INCREASED MY web site business. So a big thanks to you for being so patient .


Posted By: InflatableDunedin / Monday 12th October 2015 10:10:46 AM

Using amplifier is simple, and time efficient. Jenna is very very good at what she does, great time and project management. We have built our database from nothing and find Amplifier and Jenna to be very resourceful and insightful.

Extremely useful

Posted By: laurenshanks / Friday 25th September 2015 11:32:50 AM

The Amplifier system is extremely useful for sending out deals to our entire database, or tailoring to individuals / groups travelling to specific regions. It is a very user friendly system enabling us to send out flash sales to our clients as they are released. Our clients have expressed their delight at the professional communications they have been receiving via the system. The regular communications has also resulted in an increase in enquiries and bookings regarding our communications.

Lauren Shanks, Office Manager
Janine Mallon Travel Brokers and Tasty Tours

Amplifier Contest was a success!

Posted By: emmaorfu / Thursday 24th September 2015 11:54:20 AM

The contest we ran recently was a great success for our first contest with Amplifier. We had a total of 463 entries, increasing our database and giving us more incentive to run regular contests via our successful facebook pages.

Emma Diamond,
Otago Rugby Football Club

You guys are amazing!

Posted By: gina610 / Monday 14th September 2015 02:43:13 PM

I have found the Amplifier system setup comprehensive and guided well by the Amplifier team. The Amplifier team are amazing and always so willing to help, I really appreciate it!

Gina – Blackball Retertainment.

I am very happy...

Posted By: randlsystems / Tuesday 04th August 2015 03:57:23 PM

I am very happy with my top of mind communication plan (Kulutu Mail) that Amplifier is sending out to my customers. The emails are just what I need to keep the contact up.

Thank you!

Couldn’t be happier

Posted By: stephen-jory / Thursday 23rd July 2015 10:41:18 AM

I have been using Amplifier for a while now and I understand the important of keeping front of mind with my customers.

A few weeks ago a man come up to me at the local Mitre 10 and thanked me for my monthly emails, he found them really interesting. I was stoked to hear this. Early this week I sent out an email to my database (with the help of Amplifier) announcing Jory Builders success in the recent Master Builders awards, that same customer called me up later that day. He had just finalised his building plans and my email reminded him to call Jory Builders for the next step. I am now working with this customer to organise the build.

Couldn’t be happier. It pays to have a communication plan in place because it really does work!

Thanks Amplifier!
Stephen from Jory Builders

Media review

Posted By: paul944 / Monday 04th May 2015 10:49:04 AM

I found Rachel and Laura to be very competent and knowledgeable in the their field of training. The course was professionally presented. I found I learnt much from attending their course and will continue to grow and build from the solid foundation of knowledge and skill gained from attending. I have no hesitation towards recommending their services to any person i feel can gain from the their experience and knowledge past on through attending such courses they provide. in the future.
Mandy thanks and kind regards Morris Hume

exceeding all expectations

Posted By: Judy McNeill / Friday 10th April 2015 09:30:11 PM

Laura, is fantastic to deal with. She totally understands my business and therefore can assist with all social media, web site designing etc to perfection.
Totally recommend whenever possible.

South Africa

What a great platform

Posted By: Finwiz / Wednesday 22nd October 2014 01:46:45 AM

Simply love this advertising platform. It takes the complexity out of marketing my business leaving me with the free time to focus on what I do best. Thank you Amplifier.... You really make a huge difference.

Great presentation!!

Posted By: charl1 / Friday 17th October 2014 11:31:46 PM

I was quite impressed! I can't wait for my business to really reached its true potential. Thank you Barry for great advise!!

Amplifier Presentation AMPLIFIED

Posted By: barryhayes / Tuesday 23rd September 2014 05:14:30 PM

It was late in the day and I just came from a very tough workshop, not really want to sit and listen for 4 hours to a sales pitch. I walked out 4 hours later relaxed, joyful and in good spirit. The presenter was excellent full of humour, quirks and relevant stories. The presentation material using Prezi was impressive to say the least and to top it all, the product could become very useful to my company.


Posted By: emi-summer / Friday 19th September 2014 04:05:41 AM

a very powerful seminar about branding and your marketing attitude. It sure is a seminar to be recommended to any one because we are all a brand on its on. Baie Goed. Dis almal se tyd die moeitewerd!

Time well spent

Posted By: frank2 / Thursday 18th September 2014 11:21:27 PM

This is the way forward ......a far more viable, cost-effective and measurable tool than any other SEO offering out there.... thanks for all the insights yesterday. Talk was great !!!!


Posted By: Lilly1234 / Thursday 18th September 2014 10:30:16 PM

What an awesome presentation!! Barry you have given me so much information of life changing value! I am so excited and motivated to take my business to a next level and I know that if I apply these principles to my business that I will be able to reach my goals and dreams!


Posted By: leolene / Thursday 18th September 2014 09:01:46 PM

We loved it, learned so much! Thank you


Posted By: / Thursday 04th September 2014 07:10:30 PM

Great tool to use. Recommend it to any bussiness

What a great marketing program

Posted By: periperimedia / Thursday 04th September 2014 06:29:04 PM

I now understand the value of staying in constant communication with my customers. In this new day and age we can be our own media company...Thanks you Amplifier for amplifying my word of mounth