Case Study – Helping The Haka Experience Work More Effectively

In this case study, we are very proud to present The Haka Experience, the most recent client to be making use of SBA CRM. Find out just how our own CRM assisted this NZ small business enhance their methods and grow faster then they might have ever thought possible.

The Haka Experience is the newest small business we have now assisted. They manage a Maori Kapa Haka and Performing Arts business in Auckland and hope to be the best Haka Group in New Zealand and eventually the world.

The Haka Experience can be described as typical instance of a small business struggling to pay the bills. With basically one individual operating the business they found it challenging to service what little prospects were coming in and paying the ever increasing monthly bills. Considering the insufficient some help from the government for small businesses, running one out of New Zealand is tough. ACC, GST, and many additional fees for the small business operator meant growth was prevented.

In order to grow they required to get all of the business principles sorted, go to work to support their existing consumers as well as seek out new potential customers. The trouble is there’s only so much time in one day. Together with things like waking up early to battle Auckland traffic and still finding time to do the other thousand issues a company needs to do was proving to be a snow-balling challenge.

Reducing family time and shelling out increasingly more time into the business, they were carrying out everything simply to settle the bills. No improvement was being made and it felt like a vicious never-ending cycle. They had tested out various CRMs and business software but due to poor design they only added more procedures to do the same thing. Within time the CRM started collecting dust and it was yet another failed experiment done in an effort to help grow the company. The whole reason for a CRM is to assist businesses not make it worse and less efficient.

We got into contact with The Haka Experience at a small business marketing event and got to learn about their business as well as the parts that needed strengthening. After hearing a little more about their Maori Kapa Haka and Performing Arts business and discovering how it ran, we were willing to assist in in whatever way we could. It didn’t take long for Kathrine brought up the SBA CRM. The many troubles that The Haka Experience faced could be solved by the CRM and we revealed exactly how. Unquestionably The Haka Experience was curious but also skeptical about how a software package could do everything.

Day by day tasks like creating email funnels that logged lead details into the CRM were able to be streamlined through the CRM. Those features together with basic CRM functions were all possible with the SBA CRM. Unable to accept is as true, we arranged a totally free demo of the SBA CRM and invested a little while plugging their ##niching## business into the CRM.

Setting Up The Haka Experience With Their Own CRM

Setup for The Haka Experience wasn’t overly hassle-free so we’re delighted we did a hands on installation. They desired to move the existing customer base in an old CRM and the database was relatively significant.. About thirty minutes later we had it all moved..

As soon as the primary installation was all done and dusted, we checked out the day by day tasks that The Haka Experience was required to do. The CRM is designed for most of those chores and showcasing those capabilities was a joy.

Within five minutes of setting up, the CRM already started work inputting some client details

Their astounded face said every thing.

Next week they had a life span offer all finalized.

Statement from the client

The CRM has made the previous few weeks a complete snap. I can now get an 60 minutes extra uninterrupted sleep each morning and enjoy my evenings. Small Business Amplifier is definitely remarkable and blows a dent in the marketplace. My whole entire backend is just about all programmed, all I need to do is personally approve some essential aspects such as invoice totals but even that can be fully automated if I wish.

I used to have a nightmare of a time trying to keep track of all my leads. From phone calls to texts and emails to private messages across social media sites, following up across all those streams and making monthly reports on how my business was growing made it impossible. Now the CRM sucks up all those messages and stores them into one place. The best part is that I can reply to all of them from there as well.
Now that the daily managing of the business has been computerized, I can spend more time on developing the organization and setting up connections.

Just give it a go, you’ll thank yourself.

Months down the track and The Haka Experience is continually confirming successes. With the CRM A.I discovering more and more about the company, the procedures are getting more intelligent. This usage data then gets provided back to us and makes it possible for long term improvements to be much more efficient.

Want to try Small Business Amplifier in your business? If you are not convinced, keep in mind we provide a free 30 day trial.